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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 9, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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officially under a flash flood watch for most of the area through the evening. we have lots of flood warnings for various counties and rivers as we had all this rain the past couple of days. that expected to continue for another day here. temperature, 71 degrees. humidity, 100%. we're in the clouds. winds out of the north and east at 10 miles per hour. here's your forecast today, lots of clouds. might see a peek or two of sunshine today. showers, thunderstorms back in the forecast. high temperature about 80. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. tony, allison, back to you. tucker, thank you. the flooding fallout continues to cause big problems throughout the region. a state of emergency remains in charles county, maryland. high water is impacting upper marlboro and prince george county. two lives were claimed in
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fairfax county last night and a list of road closures four pages long. at least one community, huntington, is assessing the damage from flood waters that forced many from their homes last night. >> sherri ly is live in huntington with an update. >> reporter: good morning. the cleanup here for some people has already begun. we saw a man a short time ago hosing his driveway. but the rain has started to come down again. it's why firefighters and the swift water rescue teams are standing by in case they have any additional flooding. this area really is flood prone. five years ago the same streets were under water and last night, about 150 homes were voluntarily evacuated when a flash flood struck again. the flooding hit so fast, some didn't have time to leave. water continues to bubble out from storm drains, even though the flash flooding has receding. water rushed into the neighborhoods, a layer of mud several inches deep has coated
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the streets and sidewalks. the water topped out about 6 to 7 feet high. those that stayed behind have no electricity or gas. rescue teams had to save several people by boat. firefighters were in the middle of evacuating the neighborhood last night when the flash flood hit. >> could be structural damage due to the weight of the water, whether the utilities were compromised, electrical meter, gas. there's a number of components that could be compromised to keep a homeowner from reoccupying. >> reporter: when you go into the neighborhoods, you can see how powerful the storm waters were, as they rushed up the streets. we have trees that have been picked up. in one case we saw a play ground where a giant log was up about 6 feet high. so clearly there's still a lot of damage leer. the inspectors have to get back down into the neighborhood later on this morning to inspect the damage, to see whether these homes can be
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occupied again. some of them, unfortunately, may have to be condemned, red tagged as it's known and declared unsafe to live. they'll be doing those inspections throughout the day and firefighters will be out here probably for days to come. back to you. thank you. this was the scene in vienna last night, after a 12-year-old boy was swept away by flood waters. sad story there. officials tell us the boy was playing in his back yard when a gush of water from a nearby creek came through, carrying him down stream. his body was recovered less than two hours later. also a man was killed in great falls when his car became trapped in rising water. prince william county, more than 50 people spend the night in a shelter after flooding in two mobile home park forced them to evacuate.
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now to maryland, numerous roads closed in montgomery county and prince george county. parts of upper marlboro under water. area around pennsylvania area and marlboro pike is swamped. county administration building and courthouse in upper marlboro closed again today. meanwhile, in charles county, schools are closed for a second day, partly because buses and cars can't make it on major roads there. sections of 301 in la plata badly damaged. mandatory evacuations underway in maryland, up in the northeast corner of the state. the town is down stream from a dam, and there are fears of
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flooding tomorrow when the river is set to crest at 35.7 feet. that's 12 feet above flood stage. we are following the developing terror threat for the district and new york this morning. the potential terror attack is described as, "specific and credible but not confirmed." >> federal investigators are racing against the clock to track down a possible u.s. terror plot. we get more now from fox five's holly morris live at the pentagon. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. like tony said, there is a new terror threat this morning. it is targeting both new york city and the district. it comes just days before the tenth anniversary of 9/11. we are told the threat involves possibly car or truck bombs, and perhaps targets bridges and tunnels. sources say the threat is credible, specific, but is not
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confirmed. the nation's alert level has not been changed because of this threat. counterterrorism agents say that three men entered the united states and are believed to have started their journey to the u.s. from either pakistan or afghanistan. d.c. mayor gray say the department of homeland security informed him of the threat last night. >> we want everybody to know we take these threats seriously, as we do all threats to our city and citizens should know that we're taking all the appropriate steps that are necessary to be able to insure their safety. if you see something, say something. something looks questionable, call 311. new see something in progress, call 911. >> i want to reassure members of the public that this has been 10 years of preparation and planning essentially from local, federal law enforcements on how to do the best we possibly can to keep our city safe. >> reporter: chief lanier also
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is urging everyone to not cancel plans they have for this weekend because of the threat. as you can imagine, there are quite s that are planned to help remember and commemorate what happened 10 years ago here at the pentagon, at the pentagon memorial site they'll be having special activities and ceremonies for the families of the victims of the 184 people that lost their lives on september 11th a decade ago. allison, back to you in the studio. tony. >> thank you. president obama is weighting no time touting his new plan to jump start the economy. he heads to the university of richmond today to try to sell his jobs package to the american people. fox's jennifer davis is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: the president laid out his plan and challenged congress to pass it and do so quickly. as you mentioned, and as you
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can imagine, reaction to that request on capitol hill is mixed. >> we can stop the political serb cuss and help the economy. >> reporter: the president talked tough, promising a joint session of congress everything in his act will be paid for, and is not controversial. >> everything in here is the kind of proposal that's been supported by both democrats and republicans. >> reporter: the $450 billion proposal includes spending on infrastructure improvements, tax cuts for small businesses, and the president says he is open to reforming medicare to strengthen it. he told congress both sides have to give a little and everyone needs to act fast. >> next election is 14 months away. the people who sent us here, the people who hired us to work for them, they don't have the luxury of waiting 14 months. >> reporter: many republicans responded the country can't afford more government spending and others expressed concern the president hasn't laid out a
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plan to pay for it. >> rhetoric was good. but the old line is, where's the beef? what really is his plan? >> reporter: the president says his plan is to ask a debt panel in congress to help him find the savings to cover the costs of his ideas. he also says a week from monday he will lay out more specifics as well. live on capitol hill, i'm jennifer davis. back to you. thank you. president obama obviously has laid out this ambitious agenda. will it help him and will congress go along? joining us is joseph shots to talk to us. we heard the tail end of what jenny was saying there, obviously the president speaks, people listen, and they go back and start parsing his words and saying, well, he didn't give us real details and on the democratic side, oh, this is a great plan now. is anything going to get done on this? >> well, as you mentioned, democrats are pleased with what the president laid out, because
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he put out a number of proposals they've been looking for, instruction spending -- infrastructure spending and to prevent layoffs in schools. there are a number of proposals the white house designed specifically to get republicans' support or make it difficult for republicans to reject them out of hand. suspension of the payroll tax cut, and more specific tax cuts designed to get businesses to hire new people. some of those proposals are getting hearing among republicans. there are a number of conservatives last night who dismissed the speech out of hand. but the speaker of the house, john boehner, majority leader, eric can tore, had measured words, saying there are certain proposals they're willing to consider. a mixed response from republicans. >> how do you think the american people might react to this? >> good question. i think the president -- his speech was striking for how short it was, compared to his
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more recent speeches. about 30 minutes, assertive, forcible, challenging republicans to get on board and reminding republicans they also share a political responsibility for the economy. he's not doing well in opinion polls with his handling of the economy. neither are republicans. republicans are looked on worse by many in the public. i think the question is, whether republicans see it in their interest politically to get on board or if they think rejecting this would be risky for them. >> the president laid out a number of details in terms of what he wants to do and what he thinks the measures will do to help the job situation and economy. but it was light on information in terms of how it will be paid for. we're looking at this super committee again to find ways to do that. how do you think that will play both on congress and with the american people? >> that's the big process question now on the hill. the president wants this new committee, which is tasked with finding $1.2 trillion in spending cuts to also do his
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job package. that will add -- if he's trying to add another $450 billion, they'll have to find another several hundred billion dollars in savings. he has not laid out how he wants to pay for it. he gave hints last night. he said taxing the wealthiest, and i think you'll see a familiar list of tax increases, some spending cuts from the president. he said he's willing to consider entitlement cuts, medicare and medicaid, but only if republicans get on board with some tax increases. i think as you mentioned, there are no details how he wants to pay for it. this will be the most difficult part. i think republicans will get on board with some of the cuts. >> very good. joseph schatz, thanks for coming in.
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we appreciate it. allison, back to you. just ahead, we'll share two ways you can make a positive difference on september 11th, which is sunday, of course. also, why jfk feared his own vice president taking his office. it's just one revelation in a new book featuring jackie kennedy's own words. it's one of the hottest reality shows on television today. they'll dish about the show and share the important reason why they are in d.c. today.   
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welcome back. if you're looking for a meaningful and fulfilling way to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11, our next guests are involved in projects that are ideal for individuals, families and groups. greg roberts is the president
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of hands on greater d.c. cares. alice is on the board of the i will campaign. she's the mother of a son she lost on flight 93 10 years ago. thank you for coming in. allison, the i will campaign, both of these campaigns are extraordinary, in that you're really looking to engage people in very positive ways which is something inspiring to come out of the horrific events of that day. tell us a little bit about the i will campaign, how it got started, what you're looking to do. >> the i will campaign is this year's slogan for an opportunity for people to participate in 9/11 in a meaningful and significant way for them. what you have to do is easy and free. get on 9/, look what other people have pledged to do as a gesture of service and remembrance of the people who
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lost their lives, their family members, the first responders on 9/11, and the people in the military who have fought our good fight ever since then. it's a wonderful way to be a volunteer and do something good for the country and for yourself as a way of giving back in remembrance of those people that suffered loss on 9/11. >> it's a personal thing. you see some of the things other people have done and you decide waugh want to do? >> that's right. i'm glad to have been a part of my good deed, which has teamed up with hands on network for -- to have the largest day of service in u.s. history. it's going to be a big deal, 5 million people perhaps. i encourage people to get on there and volunteer for a good day. >> greg, let's talk about the broader picture with the hands on campaign and what that has been about. >> tony, we've got 60 projects over the city today. when i leave here today, i'll
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go to three elementary schools. i'm honored to be next to alice. part of this whole work is based on alice and some of the work and suffering that a lot of other people had during that time. we have over 10,000 volunteers. 80% increase from last year. such a wonderful weekend for us. it's a time for remembrance and honor for those who suffered and gave their lives and heros. we're happy to be part of this unique weekend. one thing we hope it's just the beginning. this one day will lead to several days of volunteerism, of support. we want to kick it off with a real strong weekend, but also understand we have to continue to give back. >> obviously this weekend is a very big deal, being the tenth anniversary. for both of you, i imagine, this is a jumping off point. not just about one particular day, alice, it's about what you do with your life in some ways. >> i live 9/11 every day.
9:20 am
my son mark was on board united flight 93 and his life and death have carved out for me the things that will lead my life from now on. aviation security and eradication of terrorism and volunteerism and charitable service. i'm glad for my good deed and i'm grateful to president obama for helping to make 9/11 every september 11th, a national day of service and remembrance per federal law. >> obviously your loss is very personal. everybody felt something that day. but there are people who lost sons, daughters, wives, husbands, what have you, mothers and fathers on these planes and in the buildings. as the anniversary approaches, is it -- obviously you have this to focus on, which is a very positive thing. >> it's a wonderful healing thing to focus on volunteerism. >> and that's what i wanted to know, for you and your family, it does help you get through
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what's got to be a tough time in some ways? >> yes. i take inspiration from jay winnick. he lost his brother in the world trade center. he was a volunteer firefighter and he sacrificed his life in service to other people. his brother jay has taken up the cause and threw his grief into my good deed as well. >> greg, tell us how people can get involved, what they need to do. >> we have room sunday at freedom plaza. we'll be doing packets for soldiers overseas. they can come down or go to our web site and get information. we're working closely with mayor gray's office on volunteerism and serve d.c. they're working as a partnership. today a lot of our corporate sponsors give their employees the day off to do service.
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we encourage many of our corporations around town to give employees a day off to serve. >> i want to say obviously we've given you a lot of information here. you can go to our web site, we will link you to both of these web sites and we're providing a lot of information about what's going on today and through the weekend. we thank you both for coming in. we are sorry for your loss, but thank you for coming in. >> thank you very much, tony. >> allison? more to come this hour to remember 9/11. our holly morris will be joining us, and we will of course meet her at the pentagon where she was 10 years ago. first, more headlines, including a massive power outage, talking about the millions in the dark out west. why this may have been the fault of just one person. 9:22now.    
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lights nearly back on west. an outage knocked out power to almost 6 million people in california, arizona and new mexico. san diego bore the brunt of it. officials think the failure likely could be traced to an employee removing a piece of monitoring equipment at the sub station in arizona. president obama's health care reform survived a legal challenge by virginia's attorney general. it's now headed to the supreme court. two lawsuits challenging the law were dismissed on techalities yesterday. a three judge panel ignored the core issue of whether the reform plan can require people to buy life insurance. virginia ag plans to appeal the decision. a new tell all book about jfk shows he hated the idea of vice president johnson becoming president. the book includes several
9:27 am
interviews with the former first lady jackie kennedy. she talks about jfk's reading habits and the botched bay of pigs invasion in cuba. the skins are opening their season sunday, but rfk is the place to be for football this weekend. >> we'll talk about the football classic between howard and moore house coming up, including the kickoff rally today that you can be a part of. plus, the word dry, such a simple three letter word, isn't it? don't we love it now? it's part of the weekend forecast. tucker is back next with the deets, as my girls say, the details. 9:27.       aisbrad, where we goin?
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a thrilling way to kick off the nfl season. the defending super bowl champs, green bay held on to beat the saints last night.
9:31 am
rookie randall cobb had a record tying 108-yard kick return for a touchdown. the saints had a chance to tie it at the end, but were stopped at the goal line. drew brees was great, too. this sunday will be the 156th meeting between the redskins and giant. >> it's a new season. rex gross man started the final three games last season and in the final start had a good game. 336yards, two touchdowns, and one turnover last year. the giants won, 17-14. you can catch the redskins in action here on fox five this sunday. it all begins sunday. our coverage begins at 11:30 with our pregame show. kickoff is at 4:00. >> i wanted you to do your nfl voice. i love that voice.
9:32 am
all right. the skins aren't the only hot football ticket in town. tomorrow it's the first at&t nation's football classic. it is a matchup of two of the most famous historically black colleges and universities. we're talking about howard university and moorehouse college. on what moore house's mascot is. there is a tickoff rally today from noon to 2:00 at the convention center. p. diddy, sean puffy combs, whichever you prefer, will be there along with mayor gray. the game is at 3:30 tomorrow. we understand tickets are still available, which i find hard to believe. >> they'll go, though. that's good. >> going to be a great time. >> tony, redskins going to win? >> boy, i don't know. i don't know. >> okay. that means they are going to win, because you don't have your usual confidence they're
9:33 am
going to win. >> let's stick with tony. >> i want you next. >> no, i think they're going to win that -- >> they are going to win. >> i think there are a lot of questions. i hope they win. they might pull it out. >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> i think they're going to win. >> giants are beat up. >> yeah. pleasant surprise. >> very good. >> bring it on home, skins. >> that's right, on the way to the super bowl. we have stuff going on there now, some rain. >> yes. if you are playing football out there now, you'd be wet. the rain has sprung back to life. showers redevelop along the same line that's been so persistent the last couple of days. you can see some of the yellows and reds indicating good rainfall rates. start in saint mary's city, southern maryland, that's where it's getting its origin going. southern maryland, sorry, and through the district here and to the north and west into montgomery county, pushing into loudoun county, good showers.
9:34 am
there you go. showers, even the possibility of thunderstorms back in the forecast today. then i think we'll finally be able to call it quits. a risk this system, but this is the last day of a significant chance of rain. let's show you rain totals. this is just incredible. swath of dark reds, purples, this white area, colonial beach, into southern maryland, 15 inches. incredible rain totals. 8to 11 inches. into pennsylvania, day two could pick up between 8 and 12 inches of rain. problems with river flooding there. not a lot to show you. shower activity firing up again along that line. let's hope this is the last of it. we can finally call it quits on this system, and dry out a
9:35 am
little. want to show you the shower activity. looks like the worst to the west today. as we get into the afternoon, evening hours, leftover showers, maybe by tomorrow morning we'll be able to quiet it down. flash flood watch continues. showers, maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. cloudy skies tonight, few showers overnight. 68 the overnight low. winds shifting out of the west. drier air trying to move in. i think it will get in here tomorrow. sunshine in the forecast tomorrow. isolated shower and/or thunderstorm. should be dry for the game sunday afternoon. beautiful monday and tuesday. back to you guys at the desk. thanks so much. about this time just about 10 years ago, flight 77 was moments away from hitting the pentagon. >> this morning we are remembering 9/11 not only looking back, but really trying to look forward. our holly morris was at the pentagon on 9/11. she is there again today. good morning.
9:36 am
>> reporter: good morning to both of you. it is true for me to say that september 11th, 10 years ago, is by far the most memorable day of my news career. i started the day doing the normal holly thing. we were doing a fun feature remote and were on the odyssey, on the southwest water front. at the time our morning show only went until 9:00 and we were wrapping up and the news broke of the first plane hitting in new york. no one knew what was going on. we surely didn't understand the magnitude at the time. then we watched on our monitor the second plane hit. right after that, our news director called and said to me and my photographer, get over to the heliport at south capital, you're going to new york. as we were driving over there, we noticed smoke coming from around the area of the pentagon. we were listening to wtop, and there were these reports all over, maybe the state department, maybe the white
9:37 am
house, there was utter confusion. we got to the heliport and our pilot came running out and said, all air traffic has been grounded. the had gone has been hit -- pentagon has been hit. we said, let's go. we drove there and got as close as we could. it was gridlocked going out of the city. we left the news car there and we started walking. you just saw all this fire billowing from the pentagon. you couldn't wrap your mind around what you were seeing. we walked around the entrance along the side of the potomac. they were setting up makeshift triage and we were listening and taking it all in. soldiers on walkie-talkies saying we need more body bags. we heard them say, another plane is incoming. we saw fighter jets fly overhead. none of our cell phones were working. we finally were talking via
9:38 am
another truck operator at our station, using our two-way. we were trying to get to him to get on the air and tell people what we were seeing at our location. we finally met up with him and his name is carlos gonzalez, and i remember being so happy to see him, because you wanted some sense of normalcy. that's where we stayed. we stayed that entire day there, because they couldn't coordinate the media. there was obviously a lot of more important things to do. the next day we moved here to this gas station and where we stayed the next two weeks reporting around the clock. as i stand here 10 years later, i can see the faces of people coming up to me and asking, holly, please, do you know anything about my husband or about my brother? can you find out? i'm still waiting to hear. and wanting so much to give those people information. the two thoughts i always think about is i vividly remember that day going, oh, my gosh, i'm 30 years old, and i am
9:39 am
covering the biggest news story of my career. or my god, please, don't let it get bigger than this. i also remember in that two weeks there and even now after the fact, i always think all those people did was go to work that day. that's all they did was go to work. their lives and their families' lives, and everyone that lives in this nation's lives were changed forever. so this place always, office is very special to -- always is very special to me. and i feel like i need to be so responsible in the stories that i tell from this spot. even today, one last thought, when i was talking to jim, the president of the memorial fund, i said jim, every year the media makes a big deal out of the anniversary and especially when it's a monumental anniversary like 10 years, i said, is that harder for the families or do they appreciate
9:40 am
it? and he said, it's mixed. we want everyone to remember of course, but at the same time, in all honesty, it makes it tough to move forward, because we're always being asked to go back to that day. that stayed with me this morning and is a lesson i will take into my future reporting about this event. allison, tony? >> holly morris, very personal. appreciate you sharing that with us today. >> maybe with this tenth anniversary, maybe they'll be -- it's an important anniversary to mark, but maybe we start to move forward, so it's not as hard for the families and everyone else. >> as someone said earlier this week, we start making september 12th the important day. >> holly, thank you very much. last week the district sued a former drug dealer over claims he took nonprofit money and opened a strip club. he's suing back. we'll have more on this coming up next. it's 9:40. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. update on attempts to fix escalator issues plaguing metro. dupont circle, things will get worse before they get better. year the south entrance will close, leaving one way in and one way out for nearly 23,000 riders. work on the south entrance is expected to take at least a year. former drug kingpin who was sued over claims he was misusing nonprofit funds to start a strip club is fighting
9:44 am
back. he filed a lawsuit, claiming defamation and racial discrimination. the city sued him to try to get back more than $120,000 given to his group called miracle hands. district officials allege jones feared the money from a job training center for people with hiv aids to instead run the stadium club. they're behind one of the hottest reality shows on tv and star in that show. >> we are happy to welcome them from the show. we talk with them next, and they'll help me answer today's ask allison question. it's a good one. can one of our lady viewers handle being with a shorter man? i need help on that one. 
9:45 am
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the hit real show that follows the life of football star terrell owens is back for another season. season three now. the show is one of the highest rated reality shows on vh 1, thanks to two successful business women on a mission. they stopped by here on their mission today. joining us now monique jackson, good morning. >> good morning. >> >> may i call you mo? >> you may. >> and kita williams. >> good morning. >> i'm happy you're here. >> we're happy to be here. >> positive women on a mission. and you're working with the united negro college fund. can you tell me about the mission? >> everyone knows the model phrase, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. we know it. but a lot of young students are forgetting that message. we think it's important we have a platform to speak to young people about education, about the social responsibilities and things like that. when they asked us to join, we
9:49 am
went straight in. >> some things are a no brainer. >> education is so important. so many young people want to be what they see on tv. with education, you can go anywhere and do anything and you can take at that away. >> right. >> the tour kicks off today and starts in washington? >> yes. >> you're here for that reason. >> absolutely. >> what is the message and you also have with another campaign, what is the target message you want the young women to hear. >> on the tour we have a campaign we're doing with the united nero college fund called define your pretty. we're on a reality tv show and everyone knows what they see they think is real. we want young girls to know no matter the images you project is about your own self-worth. it's not about a face or a look. you can have a pretty face, pretty hair, all that is great. but when you define your own pretty, you establish who you are. you can be pretty smart, pretty talented, pretty fearless, if
9:50 am
you come through a situation, pretty courageous. we've created that platform and we empower their minds they can get up and move about in the world the way we have. we have a different journey in life. >> definitely. definitely. it's so interesting. i would really urge you all to really read your biographies, because there are different parts of the nation you've come from, different backgrounds. where you are today is different. you've come together. >> yes, we have. >> you are a team image. your big client, you have many, but t.o. the show, and let me say, you all are the first black women to create, costar and executive produce a reality show. >> yes. >> super, super powerful stuff. >> thank you. >> no brainer maybe to say yes for them to ask you. when you look at the show, it's almost more like a family the way you're seeing now, an argument. thiswhat we see all the time.
9:51 am
>> no. >> it feels like a family. can you tell us about working with t.o., what you bring to the show and why you thought this needs to be on tv? >> we've known terrell 12 years, worked with him about 10. bottom line, we were his publicists and friends before we created the show. we wanted to give terrell a voice. a lot of people know t.o -- >> the negative image. >> right. we knew terrell and what we wanted to do was give him a voice. make him human. let people understand the softer side of him. we are family. we work together, but we pray together, we play together, you know. >> we find a resolve at the end of the day. trust me, he gives us a headache. the show itself has been a great journey for all of us, you get to see who we are. being a man, being a black man, who has to have an image. he was known to be not so nice and so kind. that wasn't food for his image.
9:52 am
for us to allow other men to see he's vulnerable and he cries, which he does like tammy faye baker. >> t.o. will cry. >> we encourage that. >> we're getting him a kleenex commercial. >> that's funny. i love how it seems he surrounds himself with what does appear to be sisters. you know, kin. >> right. >> you're all up in his mix. >> all in it, girl. >> continued success with the show. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i think we showed a little bit of the web site, define your pretty campaign. all that information is linked on our web site, stick around, because we'll do this -- please don't leave. again, it is time to answer ask allison. kita and mo are sticking here. here it is. this viewer writes in, quite anonymous, i met a man that is the total opposite of what i
9:53 am
would usually deal with. how do i get past physical appearance? it's his height, because he's shorter than me. he's nice, but i can't make myself go out with him because of his height. it says, help me out, signed anonymous. before i get the ladies' input, let me tell you, viewer, i believe it is your right to have your likes and dislikes. why not? if you're going to waste your time because you pity him or think he's a nice guy, can't find anybody else who is nice now, don't waste his time. you might go out with him and you might discover height doesn't really matter to you. here's a couple of things, if you're going to make apologies for it, like i met a nice guy, i want you to meet him, but i want to warn you, he's short. that's pitying him. don't do that. if you used to rock in your heels, don't do that. he's attracted to you and knows
9:54 am
how tall you are. you don't have to make basically those allowances for him. give him a chance. that's my ultimate advice. if you can get past that, give him a chance. he might turn out to be the love of your life. i don't know if we have the pictures. there have been successful people who have been taller. here is i believe -- i'm not sure who that darked haired -- >> katie holmes. >> and her little man, tom cruise and nicole kidman and keith urban. she's super tall, too. who can forget janet jackson and jermaine dupree. what do you think? >> i worked there for nine years and look at kimora simmons and russell simmons. i think it's about a man, what he brings to the table. i personally, am attracted to intellect and power. i would suggest to your viewer,
9:55 am
maybe go out with him anyway and not think of it as a romantic situation. get to know him. eventually, the physical will fade away. >> even t.o., this is going to fade away one day. >> do not tell him that. >> hopefully he's not watching today. >> don't tell this one that, either. she's not superficial, she really -- >> that's okay. >> i'm not married. as far as being a woman looking for a man, i'm sorry, i like my heels. if he'll put on a pair of wedges, lifts, we may can work something out. insecurity of being short for most men, is they're powerful and tall in other areas. if i have a man that's confidence, he's okay with me wearing my heels, i might have to compromise and get fabulous sling backs or flats. >> which i cannot see you in. >> new don't mind short babies
9:56 am
-- >> three different opinions. that's why i wanted to get you in on this. you know them from the t.o. show. they are so much more than just the show. ladies, i have enjoyed meeting you. >> thank you. >> i really have. we'll be right back. >> thank you. my name is ashley.
9:57 am
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tucker barnes has joined us at the desk with more on the weather and what's happening now. >> we got the rain showers moving back in. the possibility of thunderstorms, too. not everywhere, but yellow reds indicate good rainfall rates, montgomery county, and virginia. and across southern maryland. showers and thunderstorms at least the possibility today. a few spots might see sunshine later this afternoon. highs about 80. chance to dry out if weekend. isolated shower chance saturday and sunday. i think the weekend will look better than what we've been dealing with. >> that was the best news ever. >> that was


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